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主頁 多因子分析試劑盒

FirePlex? miRNA assays

??Multiplex miRNA assays with FirePlex? particle technology enable simultaneous profiling of 65 miRNAs directly from small amounts of biofluid or FFPE, without RNA purification or pre-amplification. Assays are customizable and suitable for both discovery and verification studies. Readout uses a standard flow cytometer. Find our FirePlex flow cytometry protocol here

FirePlex? is a registered trade mark in the United States and is an unregistered trade mark elsewhere.


??FirePlex miRNA assay overview

Find out more about how the FirePlex miRNA Assay can benefit your research.

Custom miRNA panels

?????Design a custom particle panel to profile miRNAs of choice for your experiment?

?FirePlex miRNA analysis software

?Download software and guides for the FirePlex Analysis Workbench.??????

miRNA target prediction

?Need a miRNA database or target prediction tool? View our collection of over 30 resources.

FirePlex publications

???Read the latest publications using FirePlex? technology.

FirePlex Discovery Engine

??Identify miRNAs implicated in diseases or research areas of interest.

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