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Antibody arrays

?Cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays can be used to measure the levels of hundreds of proteins in a sample at the same time. They are an ideal tool to identify the key changes in a protein pathway or network. We offer over 75 cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays, for measurement of more than 400 cytokines, chemokines, and other proteins, with arrays available for human, mouse, rat and other species. Good examples of our arrays are cytokine array ab133997 and cytokine array ab133998 which can be used for the measurement of 42 and 80 human cytokines respectively. 


?Membrane antibody arrays

Quickly compare up to 96 proteins per array with 0.2–?1 mL of sample. Analyze just like a chemiluminescent western blot.


Quantitative antibody arrays

Arrays designed to quantitate up to 40 proteins per array with as little as 50 μL of sample. Analyze with a microarray slide scanner.?

Compare quantitative and membrane antibody arrays

Review the key differences between these array types.


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